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Great writing. And aside from that, this missionary praises God for those who uphold her in prayer—they are the most valuable people on earth.
Awesome! I've got chills. What a great illustration of the power of prayer, and the response of our Lord. Love it!
This is incredible!! This story really kept my attention. The last line is so powerful,"But God who is outside of time heard. And sent the word."
Amazing! Like Catrina, it gave me chills!
WOW - so very powerful, and I love the premise behind this more than you can know. You gave me chills.
Ok, I hate to sound like a copycat, but...
I love how you stepped outside of time in your illustration of the adage, "A stitch in time..." Very creative and powerful, too.
I love the premise of this awesome story.
I love the premise of this story. We need to be reminded that the largest battles are sometimes fought on our knees. Great story!
Absolutely breathtaking in writing and certainly a great reminder to our ALL-KNOWING Father. Thank you for this!
Wow. I love the overall message behind this one. Really thought provoking. Congratulations.
This was the one that touched me in a deep, deep place. Thank you for telling the story and telling it so well - using your gift for the profit of the body. We can all be missionaries on our knees and as my young missionary friend said in one of her updates, "Your prayers at home can accomplish so much more than I can over here.
WOW, definitely a chiller. CONGRATS, nothing new to say, but keep writing!!!!
Yes, yes, very moving.
May the Lord always provide a Mrs. McGillicuddy in your service to Him.
Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for His timing and not mine.