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Loved brilliant as it was, the mirror image epiphany was so creative, and refreshing! So happy he did the right thing and came to the right conclusion. Good writing. Great lesson!
The mirror image was my favorite part of this story, too. You painted a vivid portrait of the spouse who is able to "justify" his/her infidelities. Glad this MC saw the light before it was too late.
I was glad to find your mc making the right choice and finding happiness with his own "bird," despite his lurid temptresses.
I loved the mirror prophetically superimposing the images of the two brothers, and that the MC was able to see the approaching peril.
Descriptions are so vivid and enticing - you put us right in the MC's head and through the choices he had to made. The scene at the bar was brilliantly done. Very good.
I wondered how you were going to take the "affair" theme and make it creative and fresh - and you did! The mirror image idea was great. The last paragraph tied everything up nicely. Bravo!
This captivated me from the beginning. Very good.
This was a beautifully written entry with a powerful message. Well done.