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I enjoyed your poem that reminds us of Christ's rejection of Satan's temptation. How blessed we are!
Deep and engaging - you sure covered it. Excellent.
I love this - so sincerely you show how our Lord gave up all! Beautifuly done.
This is very powerful. I love the way you put God's name in small letters when Satan was talking and in capital letter when Jesus was speaking. Excellent piece!
This is what we need to hold up as a standard for rhyming poetry--syllables, rhyming words, stanzas--all perfectly aligned with deep meaning.
This verse really struck me. "The words He heard from Satanís lips yet echoed in the air,
but Jesus saw all as it was without sinís gold veneer." Well done.
This would make a wonderful Christian recording.
I am so glad Jesus didn't fall for the "two in the bush" lie... after all, the "one in the Hand" was us.
Nicely done.
What a wonderful poem.
So many great words put together perfectly. This was so pleasant to read and the message is outstanding.
WOW is all I can say.
This is the ultimate "bird in hand" example. An amazing poem. Everybody ought to read this one.
Love your 14-syllable lines, not often seen in poetry. Great job, as always, with all of the tools in a poet's toolbox!
Great poetry. The message that Jesus faced the ultimate temptation to take something "better" over what humanity needed Him to do is defined beautifully.
Wow, I love it! What a PERFECT illustration of the topic. Again your word choices are beautiful. I love these final lines,
"He turned His back on tempterís wealth, the promise of mere things,
rejected being Prince of ease, to be our Holy King." I especially enjoyed the "Prince of ease"...I did a double-take at that, but it's perfect. He couldn't be both "Prince of Peace" and "Prince of ease". I'm glad He chose the path he did. Absolutely perfect!!!