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A fairy tale! Heehee. I love this, the slightly modern twist is good and the way that they taught the prince a 'lesson' was perfect. I was completely caught up in the entire story and didn't think it was a test until the end, by then I'd figured out that Ursla was the Princess and that was very fun! Great job! ^_^
Tooooooo clever! I was fascinated. Good work.
Clever. Good twist. Like how it all worked out in the end.
I love it! Excellent mis-direction.

Only one tiny thing bothered me... He hadn't seen the princess in ten years, but I wonder if those serving his father could truly have been so disguised as to not be recognizable?
You captured my attention from beginning to end. I love the twist in identities. Wonderful writing!
LOVE the romantic twist at the end. Well done.
Really compelling piece--I'm drawn to stories with twists like this one.

One thing wasn't exactly clear--the beatings, the infection, etc.--those were real? Wow, that's dedication to a deception.

I'd love to see this on film.
Well written. I don't know if the prince would have had quite the reaction he had after finding out that he had been duped, but this is a fairy-tale :)
So did the "scantily clad companion" end up being the Prince's court jester?

Very enjoyable read.
Wonderfully creative story. Great dialogue, too. And terrific ending.
Wonderful fairy tale with moral exact to this week's theme.
Congratulations on this top-notch entry, Peter. It is spectacular! ;)
***Congrats!*** I'm so happy to see this favorite in the winner's circle!
Wow! I love your story...super writing! Congrats on 1st place!!!
Congratulations on this WELL DESERVED win. This is wonderful. You have such a gift for writing period pieces. This had everything...suspense, adventure, mystery, and even romance. I give you a A+++++.
Move over Hans Christian Anderson.
Congratulations on your win. This was very well done.
awsome! I wanted it to continue! well done!
Congratulations! It really was a good article.
Fantastic entry! Well-deserved win! I loved it!
Congratulations, Peter! Great story and, of course, very well written.
Congrats. Excellent story that really kept me guessing till the end.
Awww! What a wonderful story. The twist was priceless. Such a fun read, I became lost in the story. Great message.
Great lesson here, congrats on your EC. Looking forward to more.
Really, really enjoyable read Peter! So descriptive I felt as though I was watching, rather than reading it.

Well deserving of the blue ribbon now attached :-)
This story had me totally engaged. I could use all of my senses while reading and was surprised by the ending...that all had been a test. Awesome story. Thanks for writing this:)
A very well deserved win. I loved it from start to finish. How on earth did you manage to fit such a wonderful, detailed story into 750 words?
Well done and deserving of first place! The only suggestion I would make is to make sure your dialog fits the time period you are trying to portray. I'm not sure, but "Bring it on" sounds pretty modern. I liked how the prince gained respect for his father through what he endured.
Awesome story, great job!
I truly did love this story. What talent you have!
I am not surprised by your win.
You're a very talented writer.
Congratulations on the recogition - finally.