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You did great with the poetry. Wonderful description of how we wander lost until touched by the Master's hand. Good job.

I am deeply touched by your beautiful writing and could read on, and on, and on...

May God continue to bless your talent.
Wow! This is just beautiful.
Very beautiful poetry with descriptions that put us right in the scene. I like how your message points out the the sins that look so inviting are only veiled Death. Great writing.
Absolutely lovely in every way. Beautiful and poignant and wonderful.
The line, “’I want that treasure to be mine.’ Soul said the words as if to swear,” really formed a great mental picture for me.
You captured every one of us in your eloquently honest words of prose.

How beautiful ... you are truly our "Lady of Prose."

Great story poem and right on the mark for the topic. Good work.
This was beautiful.
Linda, I say this every week, but this is the best! Love your 16-syllable couplets (very unusual), and your last three stanzas took my breath away. Awesome!
You painted a vivid picture. This is an interesting allegory.
So many things come to mind after ready this, envy rising its ugly green head, cuiosity killing the cat, but they pale to your message that is so masterfully woven. It was a gentle read with a powerful point to share. A hammer wrapped in velvet. Great job!
Every time I read something in Masters level I am inspired to improve. This is a perfect example.

Thanks for showing the other three levels, through this entry, how high we need to reach just to touch your skill.

That goes for the entire 4th level.
SO very good. I wish I could write poetry. You do it so smoothly and deliver a message so clearly. UNique and cleaver point of view.
God bless.
Oh, I was touched by the beauty of the poem, truly masterful.
The rhythm of this poem took me by surprise, and I like it! The tale you told and the message you left were equally as fabulous. :)
I love your name "Soul" and your reference to Eden and the garden. Perfect and beautiful -- just what I expect from you. :)
I loved the rhythm, the narration and the imagery.

Just wanted you to know this is a winner in My book! Excellent.. going to earmark this as one of my favorites! Inspirational writing.. thanks