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This is absolutely wonderful!
One of the most creative pieces I've ever read! I just smiled and made "awwwww" and "ooohhhh"
noises all the way through. So enjoyable!
I love this! Very creative use of the topic.
This is so funny -- like silly funny. Only a very creative mind can think up stuff like this. My personal favorite is the bucket of poo -- made me chuckle out loud. Great job with the topic.
I also enjoyed your creativity, and did I sense some allegory as well? I love your glimpse in to this different world, and hope we might get to know it better in the future.
This would even have worked for last week. :-)
Excellent elements of fantasy are woven throughout this story. I would love to see this illustrated. Lovely.
Well, I was only going to comment on those entries that had few or no remarks this morning, but I just COULD NOT skip this one. It's simply a masterpiece. It's fantasy and fun and truth, all mixed up into one tasty story. If it doesn't place, I'll give it my own award.
Jan, I loved it. You get kudos for creativity, on topic, and just enjoyable reading. I think we have a winner here! Great job!
Another creative entry. Great pace and unique, per usual, take on the topic. Enjoyed it very much. God bless.
Talk about creative!! Wow, this oozes creativity and it packs a lesson. I love the ending--perfect.
I absolutely love this! I should be published as a children's book with wonderful illustrations. It really nails the topic in such a creative way!
Once again you deliver a wonderful piece. Truly you are have natural talent. Very enjoyable!
Definitely Seuss-ish. Right on topic. My favorite part is the song. Reminds me of the smart, funny songs in some recent Disney movies that you have to listen to to get all the jokes. Good lesson that purple is in the heart. Would make a wonderful children's book. (they'd love the line about poo)
Great job, and that poem is a riot! Had me in stitches.
The message could not have been delivered more creatively. I could see the illustrations in a children's book as I read. "The purple is in the heart" was the perfect conclusion. Just delightful.
I loved this. Wonderfully illustrated with so many little touches that brought the scenes and characters alive for me.
Wow! Your story is amazing. Your names are just plain fun! I absolutely loved your green and purple song. What fun!! (I guess that makes me not purple). :)
Very Dr. Seuss-ish! I really love the many, many descriptive word pictures and characterizations packed into this piece. An illustrated book would be wonderfully colorful!
Delightfull, Charming, Fun. This has all the hallmarks of the Level it was in. I doffs me hat Jan!
Dr Suess or Kermit the Frog, it doesn't matter because you've created your very own unique, creative style that is so loveable. What a wonderful fantasy world to vist and stay awhile.
Enchanting! The last line is exceptional. You are a gem!
Creative! Enchanting! A FANTASTIC READ!
Completely delightful! I wish I had this kind of creative imagination. Your mind is a treasure trove of wonderful characters.
Aww! Poor Pansy! I think she really liked Perkin! The song was funny and sad at the same time, but I felt as if I were in a fairy-world! The ending with the two flowers and the tears, was my favorite line! ^_^
So this is what perfection looks like... I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. This is wonderful.
Oh my, Jan, how do you do it? Do you have a secret you can share?! Hmmmm? This is a magnificent piece of work! I love your song, too. Do you make up songs for your kids at school? I betcha your school kids love having you as a teacher!
What a wonderful writer and teacher you are. I thank God that I have the opportunity to read His Word in extensions such as this. The last line was very expressive. Congratulations, and Praise God. :)
***Congratulations!*** ^_^
Congratulations Jan! Your creativity astounds me. Only you can write a winner with 'buckets of poo'. :)
Delightful, Jan! And perfectly written....what an imagination you have :)!
Pansie's pure words have torn him apart
I think he deserves a Purple Heart!
Hehe; this was delightful, and you deserve every bit of the praise coming your way.
Congratulations on your win. You certainly deserve the applause. Great, fun, and creative story. Absolutely brilliant.
Congratulations on 1st place. This is a truly brilliant piece. And incredibly entertaining as well.
Congrats on the 1st place EC. This is still great on a 2nd reading. It entertains, it amuses, it enchants, then it comes right around and serves up a pointed message. Bravo!
Congrats, Jan!!!!!!!!!
I am in awe of your creativity and ability to pull it off in such few words each time.( our word limit I mean).. truly an inspiration and encouragement to all of us! THANKS Jan for raising the bar of excellence .. you are special and your writing shows it... Dianne J.
Way to go! I loved this.
Congratulations - So creative! I especially loved the song.
Absolutely amazing, Jan. SO glad I'm finally getting to read this. Just wow in every way.
I'm a bit late in reading this but it was delightfully cute, funny, creative, descriptive and I agree with the others--it should be illustrated as a children's book. Loved how you gave personality to everything--the stone, flowers, butterfly, etc. Very talented writing!!!
Jan, I said it once and will say it again, what a wonderful world you created and thanks for letting me stop by to visit again. Loren
Such fun! My absolute favorite part was the ONE non-rhyming line in the song, "and nothing rhymes with purple." Too good.