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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Very clever. To be honest, I read yours to see if anyone was coming near close my way to read mine, but I see your little gem and mine are as unvisited (new word, like it??) as the old general. Yours is sheer brilliance, with no comments, so that must mean that I can apply the same assumption to mine :D
This is fabulous! Creative, witty and incredibly entertaining.
I Loooooove this! What an imagination and a play on words! This is super-duper...and right on topic. I'm still laughing! Great job.
Clever! Love the rhyme. Still chuckling, too. Thumbs up.
Superb! I love it!
So entertaining! This is a delight.
How I love play on words, and how wonderfully you "played." This is so creative and clever--and so "enjoy-able" to read. Great job.
Hilarious! Excellent! I always enjoy your poems! First-rate!
Oh, the sheep made The General so MAAAAADD. ;) What a delightful romp, and hit the topic to boot.
This is just delightful to read. So cute and entertaining. Well done!
Oh dear... "Perhaps he cashed his cow chips in" that is so baaaad. LOL I just loved this. Very, very funny. So well done and on target. Applause!
Awesome! I know nothing about writing poems, but you hooked me and kept me there for every word! TOO funny :-)
What a complete RIOT! I'm sure this was loads of fun to write - and some of those were BAAAAAAAAAAD (in a good way, of course!). Absolutely delightful and wonderfully crafted.
This is so good! I wish I had the gift to write light verse like this. Such a delight!
Oh what fun to read! Excellent rhythm, verse, and characters kept me reading right along to the end!
Absolutely incredible, I'm becoming more of a poetry fan since joining FW. GREAT JOB!! This begs to be published!
Your poem made me laugh -such images you've etched in my memory. Love the men in white coats and "he bought the farm." Great stuff!
This was a fun read. Enjoyed the allusion and word play.
Hooray and congratulations! I knew this one was something extra special!
CONGRATULATIONS ON 2ND PLACE! WOW! Sooooo happy to see this brilliant piece recognized!
ROFL! So glad I got to read this one. I loved the verse with the people in white who came to cart him off. The title is so funny...north, south tale. Nicely done!

Congratulations on your EC. This is so clever and fun.
Beth... this was delightful and well worth the win in EC..! Your ability to weave a story with perfect rhyme and depth of meaning and lightness of heart is amazing.. a true gift from GOD... It makes me smile and I celebrate with you.. DJ
Oh my, another winner from you. I've just found my way to your "Member Profile" page, and I think I'll camp out here for a while and read! You've got quite a talent.
I really enjoyed this, especiall read out loud with a southern accent. Enjoyment plus!! Also, thanks for your comment:)
Beffy, I remember this! You are the master at narrative poetry.
So glad this was part of FF, what a delightful read. I just love this.
I know I've said it before, but you are a GENIUS! I LOVE these, and am SO glad you're contributing to FF this way. An absolute delight!
Okay, read it again, just because I had to. TRULY a stroke of genius.