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Oh! How wonderfully sweet and sad at the same time! Great, great, great writing!
I love the hope in this and the new found determination to live every moment. Ingenious!
Ohhh, what a beautiful story! I want to make memories like this! I love the way they included the other girl in the wheelchair.
Great writing.
What a wonderful lesson for us all. This one touched my heart. Nicely done!
What a wonderful reminder and so artfully done that I barely knew a lesson was in store at the end. Great job all the way from taking us from an adult's POV to the eyes/dialogue of a child and their adventures.
Beautiful and engaging story. I love the way the MC overcomes.
I loved this also. Great example of how life can be lived moment by moment to the fullest, because the truth is, no one knows the number of their days. Good reminder with a tender heart... THANKS for the lift today.
This is so touching...and beautifully written. I had misty eyes by the end. What a wonderful message. Bravo!
Awesome! This line--Noitanigami will take some time to learn... was my favorite, and I found it both charming and moving.
This story, while being very emotional, is also very endearing. You really nailed the topic. We all want to live in in others hearts.
Oh Amy, this is just so beautiful. I love they way they included the little girl in the wheelchair and her mother in their adventure. What a wonderful example of love. This is so well written. Superb!
What a lovely, touching story! It runs a wide range of emotions within its limit of words. Very well done!
This story made me feel a number of emotions. I felt sad, happy, and hopeful.

This woman demonstrated that life isn't about how long you live. It's about what you do with the time that is given to you.

Masterful work as always, Amy. I appreciate you sharing your gift of words and storytelling.

You have a beautiful imagination!
Wow. This is beautiful and tender, and yet filled with hope, too. Wonderful!
This was wonderful...I loved it.
Your title is perfect, how quickly she wants to fill her life. Thanks for the fun and the touching message.
Amy, this is simply beautiful! You made me smile and want to cry at the same time. Your title had me wondering at which 'lifetime', but the story was a whole new adventure altogether. A beautiful piece of writing, especially with the exploring. I would remember an Aunt like that. Always. I liked the ending best when they found a new friend. It was wonderful writing! ^_^
WHEE!! This is SO much fun. You've covered the topic very, very well.
Whoo hoo, Amy! Yay! ^_^ Congrats on your EC!
Amy, I really enjoyed this and glad to see it place. Loren
Congrats on your EC, Amy. I enjoyed reading this and I am always up for an adventure like this.
Just lovely - and with an unmistakably amazing message. Characterization, setting, everything - LOVELY.
Congratulations on your EC. This is a powerful piece. Excellent job with the topic.
Nicely done! You have such a gift.
GREAT message! Congrats on your win!
Absolutely beautiful and emotionally packed. Congratulations on your placement. It's well deserved! :D
Wonderful and creative way to wrap up a great lesson! Love the word play!
Congrats, Amy! Loved it!