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Wow-quite a bit going on here! I think you needed more words to get the full story out, there is so much more I want to know about Tom and how his one choice will affect all the others to come. You put a great deal of detail into this, especially your opening paragraphs-Nice job! ^_^
Oh you clever, clever, person you! Very good.
Ahahaha. Such genius! I'll never look at conception the same way. :D
Talking about analogies! This article gets full points for creativity.
I actually caught on in the opening sentence, but was amazed at your wonderful description of conception.

Really good word play!

I enjoyed it.
Yowsas! Wonderful, super clever, fast-paced (loved the momentary blackout!). This was almost scientific, but in a very entertaining way. Awesome - maybe I can get my boys to read this (when they're older ;-) )