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I especially liked the T-minus comments. Entertaining.
ROFL! I loved this-the sci-fi angle of having an Alien uncle was hilarious! I was with the kids all the way and wondering if and what would happen when! Great job-especially with the T-minus countdowns. Great stuff! ^_^
I LOVED this! How funny!
This was so fun!! What a creative tale you wove for us. Maybe I should start reading the tabloids so we don't entertain unaware? I loved this!
SO fun - to write (I hope) AND to read! So many gems in here. Entirely too entertaining.
Very creative! The "remedy" sounds very familiar...but who knows, maybe that's the only good weapon against aliens.
I love how you showed how kids get all excited over anything that hints of mystery.
Great writing.
I liked the t-minus comments and the disclaimer at the very end. Your rhymes were smooth too. This was an extremely creative take on the topic, and I think you have a good shot at ranking high this week with this one.

Thank you for sharing this. It was a delight to read.
Very entertaining and creative. I was just intrigued as I read to see what would happen next. Cute and different and well-done.
Loved it.

Now this is unique, plus entertaining and ultra-creative. Wow!
This is SO creative! I really, really enjoyed it.
This packs a punch, fun, creative, engaging. Did I say fun? Loved your uncle poem.
This reads almost like a movie, with images continually parading by from beginning to end. Good work!
Beth... your creativity is masterful as well as your delivery... I LOVED this. You inspire me to write fiction poetry, and because of what you branch out doing, I want to learn by reading yours. GREAT writing once again... Dianne
Hi Beth,

This article went a different direction than I thought it was going, but it was very well written and humorous. (I admit I thought you were going to show how children can be deceived by the lies of society, but your poetry and use of words was very good.)