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A completely and totally engaging story masterfully told.

I see the tie to the topic, but I'm hoping others will too - I could see this being marked down because of it. I hope not, though.

This read as true - I'm curious if it is. Enjoyed this very much.
You make a compelling argument for the brotherhood and sisterhood of regular blood donators. Thank you for what you've done despite the discomfort you experience in your fainting reactions.
Some intense moments here. I could picture the pale-faced man donating blood. Well done.
This beautiful story shows the love of Christian "brothers and sisters" in Christ living out their Christian principles.
I guessed this might be your story. Very well written and I admire your courage. I have to lie flat if any needles come near me...or I also end up on the floor.
A wonderful story of love and compassion. It reflects the brotherhood of man and that we are our brother's keeper. That you and your wife were willing to lay down your life for your friend is an example for others to follow just as Christ did for us.
Wow! This is intense. An awesome story of the love of Christ that we are to shed abroad unto others. Thanks for a great read. Blessings, Cheri
Gregory, I'm going to feature this moving story in the Front Page Showcase for the week of July 28. Look for it on the FW home page, and congratulations!
Well done...the horrors of donation and the reason it's worth it is vividly documented here!
Thanks for the amazing ride. Good job.