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Clever and fun - love the repetition, and how perfectly the nursery rhyme flows. Great voice.
Love it—absolutely delightful.
Ha, too funny! A few of the rhymes seemed a little forced, but it was a delightful story and poem.
I'm just saying... this was great! So funny!
So clever and even has a moral!
I'm with you, Unknown Author, on the notion that spiders don't hold ANY charm! Though I am of the scientific mind, I hate it when people point out a spider's "role" in the chain of life. Ha! Gimme a big fat book, or better yet, a coffee cup to capture the ugly beast until DH gets home! And then, "Sayonara, Baby!" less spidey to darken my door...another one bites the dust...buys the farm...whatever. (Great story, BTW!)
I’m just thinking that there’s a whole new field of creativity here – finish well-known nursery rhymes to give them a fresh feel. What did happen to Humpty Dumpty after they found the super glue?
Ha!Ha! Great job, and how creative!
(smile) Well done!
Our family was just discussing "tuffets" this week...and the meaning of this nursery rhyme.
You did have fun!
Lyda, you are a woman of many and astounding talents. This was AWESOME.
Lynda, hahahahahhahahahahaha

Thanks for laugh. Loved every word. Blessings, Teri

P.S. Does anyone really know what curds and whey is, anyway?
I'm just saying.
Allz I'm sayin iz...this is creative, witty, wonderful & a keeper for sure!!!! LOVE it!
One of my favorites this week, your creativity shines here. So very clever. Thanks for the fun.
One of my favorites this week, your creativity shines here. So very clever. Thanks for the fun.
Very clever indeed! I just had to read the poem out loud. Lots of fun. Good job. Blessings, Cheri
Congratulations on taking 13th place in your level with this piece, Lynda!
And you placed 21st overall. Awesome!