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HAHA! Loved it! Very fun.
I had a little trouble with the gait, but then, I'm no thoroughbred. Well done.
I loved the delightful imagination and humor in this excellent poem.
The meter of this was just right, and the read enjoyable. Love your last stanza.
Loved the title. Loved the last stanza. In fact, loved the poem. It was enchanting and so well done.
Well done! I think Jane Austen wouldn't mind lending her title to this piece! I bet it was lots of fun to write. Blessings, Cheri
(smile) an interesting POV...flies? I can think of a lot of proverbs that could go with this.
Well done
Wowzer, this is creative, imaginative, witty. Your ending was perfect. This stanza was my favorite:
And then, who knows what happened,
Perhaps a charley horse,
But Fordyce hit the racetrack deck,
Smashed both flies from the force.

Love it!
How fun...and so very creative! The title fits perfectly, and the moral of the story just as easily applies to the homosapien variety. Excellent!
I liked the perspective of the flies, and the rhythm flowed smoothly. THis is definitely some masterful writing being displayed here.
Poetic justice--both sets of cousins got what was deserved! Thoroughly fun read!
Beth, This is wonderful. I love it. Your story line, your humor, your great illustration of a scriptural truth, and the gift of poetry God has given you for us to enjoy! Well done.. you are a true Master!
Delightful (again hehe) - thanks for "playing," and I was SO happy to get to read this lovely romp once again ;)
I remember this one, and it was a pleasure to read again! Love that last line!
LoL--I love it! I love how you play with words--truly divine!