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Clever twist. The poor thief outsmarted himself.
Your title did not do this piece justice. Wow! I loved this! Yea for the little girl! Excellent writing!
Ooooh - very creative take! I was SO into this all the way through - and I adore the ending. Excellent.
You have done a wonderful job here. I could visualize everything from the intruder breaking in to the click of the gun as the little girl’s mother stood behind him. Excellent entry, well done.
Brilliant work-this one is a keeper.
Excelllent! The twist at the end was brilliant. Keep on writing...
Well this went a place I did not expect at all on the subject. Very clever and well written.
Quite a unique take on the topic. Well done.
You skirted the topic well, then you stressed your point without telling us.

I think I will be re-reding this for some time to come-the is much depth to it. Congratulations!
Wow -- your story is creative and captivating. Great writing and congrats on your EC!
Very well done. Maybe when Torrance is in prison he'll find a Gideon Bible and learn why it was so important. (A sequel, maybe?)
Congratulations, Peter!! Wow-what a story!
Congratulations on your well-deserved EC.
I enjoyed this refreshing take on the topic. You had a great hook, and maintained the suspense throughout.
Ha! Love the wisdom of this child, and of course that the good guy wins in the end. :) Congrats on your EC!!!
Excellent take on the topic, a burglar in a home and seeing its valuables, especially the Bible. However, for a family that was obviously Christian, I thought the mother's threat to use the gun and comments did not have quite the right 'feel.' I would have thought 'Turn the other cheek,' and showing God's love towards enemies, may have been more appropriate.