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I nearly fell off my chair laughing! You sure had fun with this one.
ROFL! This is one of my favorites for this week!

-I absolutely love it, I am still laughing out loud here, literally! The mixed up one liners were hilarious, and so was the opening voice for it. Loved it to pieces!
OHHH!!! This is hysterical. Please, can I tell all my friends I wrote this? ;-)
O my goodness! I am feeling lousy tonight but just had the greatest time of giggling! So much fun! Thank you for that! Wonderful! Am still giggling! and I might even try the one out for snoring husbands! LOL!
This is the funniest thing I've read all week...LOVE IT!
OK - you almost made me kick my laptop to the floor! What a RIOT!!! Absolutely, positively PRICELESS! I am STILL laughing (and sending this to my hubby, who needs a laugh at the moment.).
You'd better get that teenager potty trained quick! :-D This is a scream! Creative and extremely funny.
I'm laughing so loud the puppy is giving me strange looks. This was so good. I particularly loved the tip for quietening a snoring spouse. Well done.
Ha...Ha...Ha... loved this, especially the typo! This could be made into a game. (may I use it?)
Hilarious!!! Especially love the last bit of advice - What’s the best way to discipline a three-year-old?
--Squeeze its head with tweezers, and pull up firmly.
Such good advice. ;}
THanks for brightening my rainy day.
This is absolutely delightful! I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I REALLY needed this!
Sheer brilliance… as usual. I didn't even notice a typo. :)
Very funny and clever indeed.
Great job! Don't worry about the "teenager" vs. "toddler" line. We can attribute you that to the young "help" as well. This is very clever and fun! Great job.
The first time I commented on this I didn't think twice about the "Teenager" instead of "Toddler". I just thought it was a mistake made by Courtney. I love it! The typo makes it even funnier. Jan, you're a genius and you didn't even realise it :-)
Oh-OW!! I should have known better than to read this so soon after surgery! What torture-and I just couldn't make myself stop funny, it was agony. But, the endorphins did kick in after a few minutes, so thanks for the wonderful laugh!
A title to grab your attention, and extremely amusing as well. I actually thought "potty train a teenager" was deliberate, and for the conclusion, had an image of the person contemplating that they had to start potting training their own teenager.
This is pure genius. Your brain must be furrowed with creative ideas. I loved this!
I laughed out loud which I rarely do when reading. Even though I had an idea what was coming it was still hilarious. Good humorous writing is hard to pull off. Way to go!
They were all good, but this was my favorite:

What's the best way to keep the marriage fresh?

Sit him on the potty chair until he produces something, then give him candy.

LOL. I love your sense of humor, Jan. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully funny piece. And don't worry about the typo...It made it even funnier. :)
Oh my goodness! I laughed all the way through this. It was great. But my absolute favorite was:

What’s the best way to discipline a three-year-old?
--Squeeze its head with tweezers, and pull up firmly.

My twisted old mind just couldn't stop laughing at that one.

Great writing - Just great!
It may be the "worst advice ever" but it was also the "Most fun ever". Great read.

My fav:

What’s the best way to communicate with a teenager?
--Whip it like crazy with a wire whisk.

I am going to try that out this weekend on my "thick-headed" nephew ;)

Great Job!!!
This is humor writing at its best! Even though we saw it coming with air-head, it was pure delight! Each one was hysterical... Thanks for making my day..>
This was truly hilarious!
Am thinking of sharing a few of these at home church tonight. Thank you for your wonderful article. Hope you do really well because you sure deserve it.
Hilarious! I loved this!

My favorite line:

What’s the best way to keep the marriage fresh?
--Sit him on the potty chair until he produces something, then give him candy.
Wait a minute Jan...I read this article when it was published (don't ask me waht I was doing reading this magazine genre). Anyway, the drilling really does help break up the lumps, but I couldn't seem to find a large enough set of tweezers.

Absolutely hilarious, great writing as always!!
Jan, Boy, did I need this laugh today. What greater compliment can a writer have, but hear one of their readers say, thank-you. You've made my day just a little better today.
Oh, and BTW, that is a new twist on only hinting about the age of someone in your story, isn't it? Loren
I have not laughed this hard in a long stomach hurts...tears are running down my face...I'm a mess...PLEASE give us more...please, please, please. This is absolutely tops in my book. Well done. Congratulations already on an incredibly delightful piece!
Drawn in by the title, and not disappointed. This was great! And funny!
Very original! It belongs in an Erma Bombeck column! Kudos!
Jan, this is really funny. I love your humor
Jan - how could this not have won? I laughed so hard, and then had to read it to Stephen and laughed some more. I'm off to buy a cork board and some tacks...