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A lovely story. What a wonderful tradition to pass on the family home to succeeding generations—a much lost tradition unfortunately.
Oh, I loved this. Very nice writing portraying wonderful people! I think I know the author, too. :)
A passing on of the torch… it can be hard at times. Great work on the atmosphere and dialog in this story. I'd love to read more of this.
Excellent atmosphere especially, and I am proud to say I figured out what MOST of the words meant before you "translated" for me (still appreciate you doing it!). Beautifully done.
I loved the Pennsylvania Dutch words! One thing the Amish have given us examples in...taking care of their parents.
We should honor our parents and repay the love they showed us as children.
Thank you for this, Dee.
This is wonderful, Dee! Such richness in atmosphere and characterization. Loved it.
You put me smack dab in the middle of the scenery and the action, which, of course, is what a good writer does. Loved the simple Penn Dutch atmosphere, and it made me think of my own Penn Dutch Brethren grandfather. Thumbs up!
This is so good, I should just go back to beginners...
You are a brave and talented woman to execute such wonderful dialect. Loved it.
I loved this piece. The dialect, the tradition, and the atmosphere are handled beautifully. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.
Your words put me in this setting. I loved every bit of it.

This a tender story with lovely description. Well done.
I do not know one person who has passed the family home onto their children. It truly is a wonderful thing to be able to do. The traditions, along with the atmosphere and dialect in this story are just wonderful Dee.
I loved the way you brought the different language in. A very moving and touching tradition. Norms
I love Amish stories, and this is one of the best. I'd read lots more, though you managed to cover a great deal of story, character introduction, and tradition in your 750 limit. How about an Amish novel with these characters? I'd love to read it.
Lovely story, Dee! You capture the culture and language of our Amish friends so well.
What a unique entry you have presented to us this week. I loved the language. I was able to interpret most of the words on my own, but I am glad that you provided a list of definitions at the end.

This placed me into a different culture which I thought was very cool. I could tell that you know a lot about this culture, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with all of us.
This was nicely done and enjoyed the reality of German speech in it.
I knew this had to be yours, Dee. Who else speaks Pennsylania Dutch so fluently? Your work keeps getting better and better and I am blessed by every entry you make. Kudos!
Oooh, I liked this! I loved the character of Leah and the flavor of the italics, it added so much extra to the story! I felt sad for Sarah too, leaving the house, but it was good to have someone to pass it on to. ^_^ Nice job! ^_^
Dee, are you a linquist AND a good writer? : ) Yes, I think you must be with this woderfully written piece. I think I've said this before about your writing style in that you are preserving historical traditions in a most charming, talented way. Loren
What a rich story full of love and tradition. The descriptions were colorful and the dialogue captivating. The characters you created pulled us right into the story. Thanks for sharing such a delightful piece with the rest of us.
A great read - love the Dutch words added in, and the story is sweet and touching. Great descriptions, too. Well done!
Love this so much!!!! Congratulations on 4th place overall!!!!
Congrats, Dee! ^_^
So glad to see you take 4th place overall and snag an EC, Dee. Congratulations! :)
Very interesting story, Dee. I'm glad you put the meaning for some of the words. They were completely unfamiliar to me. Your story is well told and gives a picture of the life this family lived. It was full of love...Congrats on your win...Helen
Congrats! Oh, Dee...can I come visit you and you can show me Ohio? Please? :)
Congratulations on your EC, Dee. Maybe this will help those recovery blahs to be a little lighter. :)

Excellent story. Love the use of both languages. Great job with the topic.
Congrats Dee, for your HC and your EC! :)
Thank you for this lovely piece. We modern folks have lost a lot, I think.
Loved the atmosphere here, especially the feel given the story by the foreign words.