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I always worry when the friends and neighbours first begin to renovate the rooms they have been assigned on these programs, but normally they turn out quite well. Yours sounds just horrible—obviously an exception to the norm.

The twist at the end is great. Well done.
As a huge fan of home decorating shows, I can tell you this *must* be how some homeowners feel after the reveal. I've seen some pretty bad stuff. This was SO much fun. Thanks for giving me my laugh for the day.
How hilarious! Thanks for the giggles tonight. Really needed it! Wonderful writing!
That was more than funny, it was hilarious! I loved it!
Oh so fun! LOVE that last stanza especially. Must have been a blast to write!
Ha, last line is LOL! I stumbled a bit over the beat in some places, but fun story!
I love, love, love your choices of rhymes! So grown-up and sophisticated! Wonderful!
Creative take on the topic. This was fun to read.
Too bad you weren't given the money to spend on your own home. I was swept away with the changes made to your house. So much fun to read. You're a master!
OH MY GOSH! This is my all time favorite this week. The ending line was priceless! And it rings true to how those remodeling shows often go. Usually the one house will look better and the other one will end up looking even tackier than before the work was done.

This is going on my favorites list. I hope it places high, because it put a huge smile on my face this morning. :) :) :)
Congrats on 9th place overall, Beth! I could not be happier for your EC! See me dancing to the celebration song? ;)
Oooh, so funny! I loved the ending-heehee, congrats! ^_^
I knew this one would have top place high and get an EC. I'm so happy! This was awesome writing! :)
Congratulations on your EC. This is too, too funny. Excellent rhyming--such unique word choices. Great job with the topic.
Congratulations on your ninth place win....Helen
Congrats Beth! You deserved this win.. Made me laugh... Since I wrote a story about Maple St., I felt a kindred spirit.. but yours was absolutely hysterical... Great writing.. Im dancing for you today...
Amazing how you made the end of a friendship so fun to read! I think the MC should just run across the street to the cream chalet and use THEIR toilet whenever she needs to go. And she shouldn't bring an air freshener, either!
What a hoot! Creative, entertaining, all-around good stuff. :) Congrats, Beth!
My wife and I read this together and almost couldn't get through it laughing so hard. "The dime" was the clincher for us. Love this piece! Keep writing!
Very funny! Especially 'I had my morning latte, And I don’t have a dime.' Well done.
Read this again, loved it even more the second are gifted!
Beth, I just loooove your poems! They're so full of personality and fun! WONderful!