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Unexpected take on the Joseph story. The contrast between Joseph's speech patterns and his high position in Egyptian society was jarring. The writing has a strong in-your-face storytelling quality (starting with the title) where I felt like I was standing right next to Joseph. I felt propelled through the story. I like the bit about seeing his mother's eyes in Benjamin's face. A tender moment in the midst of the storm.
Wow - very engaging and creative take on the Joseph story. I've always wondered what was going through Joseph's mind - you've certainly given me a new option to ponder. Nicely done.
Ooooh! I love this take on the Joseph story! It's so different, yet so real! I loved the husband-wife relationship and the conversation between him and God. That was just priceless!
Congrats on your EC! Glad I didn't miss this one! ^_^
WOW! I can see why this received an EC. Greg, I've never thought about what Joseph might have felt between the time he knew his brothers had arrived and when he forgave them. Congratulations.
Thanks you masters for your expertise and encouragement that we writers experience from you, right from starting out as beginners.
What a surprise! I had NO idea who the story was about, until--well, until it was revealed...Good job. I love it..This is an amazing story, based on the account from the Bible. What wonderful imagination...You deserved the win! Congratulations...Helen
Masterfully done Biblical account of a beloved story of forgiving those who've hurt us!
You deserve this win!