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Wow. I don't know what else to say. Powerful. Moving. Thank you.
Oh, boy, I'm sitting here in tears but with such mixed feelings. God gives the desires of our hearts, and what a special gift this was, but to have it end so abruptly...a real mix of joy and saddness. Very good!
Goosebumps all over. Good work.
Oh WOW. This is absolutely, positively incredible. You brought me to tears. Excellent. Assuming this is true. Wow.
Very moving. I liked the way the normal routine was going on- you showed how significant, yet everyday, thing like a telephone call can be.

Oh my! Definitely a 2-Kleenex-Box entry. Gulp. "Moving" is too gentle a word but I was moved to tears. Very poignant story. Kudos! Big time.
True or not, this is amazingly well written from beginning to end.
Gripping story. You know how to grab your reader and keep them hanging on for dear life.
Captivating. The irony was heart-wrenching.
Excellent! You had me hanging on every word, just like your MC.
What a powerful message. We never know what may happen in the next moment. A heartbreaking story but with a promise. Excellent in every way.
A tear-jerker extraordinaire!! The dialog is entirely natural, and the entire story believable. I love the meshing of hope and sadness Just wonderful.
What a heart-breaker.
This is very powerful. Great writing.
I started to comment but I see where I already have! We can't have too many comments, can we? It's a great entry!
Oh my! Heartwrenching. I am so glad for the ending that there was a 'hello' before that so there won't be another 'goodbye'. The tone at the end was just right too, you did well with this. I enjoyed the read! ^_^
Oh. This grabbed my heart... I have a friend whose husband is not saved... thank you for this. Very well done.
I have tears in my eyes right now. Wow. Very powerful writing. I'm glad that the husband did accept God into his heart before he died. Stories like this happen daily. So tragic and yet hopeful at the same time.

Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed reading it.
Gut-wrenching and powerful. This brought tears to my eyes. Incredible piece of writing.
Wow, this story is moving... Wonderful job!
Lynda, congratulations on your well deserved 1st place. Fabulous writing!
Very well done and a well-deserved win. I do hope you will tell us if it's true or not!
Wow, I can see why this placed first. Wonderful job! Touching story.
Oh, this is a real tear-jerker. You certainly deserved to win 1st. Congratulations! The title is so intriguing, too. I never suspected how the story would unfold. It is so one of those "sad-happy" stories, and well worked in with the theme, telephone...Thanks for sharing...Helen
Oh my goodness, this story is just perfect--the dialogue, the suspense, the pacing, the resolution. Congrats not only on 1st place EC but on a wonderful piece of writing that grabs the reader and doesn't let go.
Lynda, this is such a gripping read and it reminds me to hold my loved ones close. I'm so glad Matt found Christ in the end and his wife found comfort in that. Congratulations on this wonderfully deserving win!
Very powerful! I often wonder how many turn their lives to Christ when at the doorstep of death. Only Christ knows. Thank you for sharing this powerful entry.
Excellent story!
Congratulations on your first place. This is very gripping, and very well written.
This felt so real I wondered if it was a true 9/11 story... whether truth or fiction.. excellent, touching writing that gripped my heart.. Congrats on your win!
Simple words put together for a powerful story. I liked this because it never got fancy or lost in description, yet it contained tons of emotion and had a perfect message. Congratulations, well deserved.
Congratulations Lynda on your 1st place.

Well deserved, had me all the way through, very emotional. How wonderful the husband came to know Christ and that He allowed her to pray and know without a doubt she will see him again. I love the last sentence.
Excellent story. This gripped me all the way through and although the ending was sad, it was still satisfying. Well done.
You did it again, Lynda! Absolutely beautiful. . . Hugs, Cari
Whoa Lynda. This is amazingly touching and makes one think how short life is. I love your style and your dramatic dialogue is so realistic. Great job! Love it! Hugs, Janice
WOW! Thanks for sharing what God did on that horrific and joyous occassion. I have said a prayer for you and your family.

This story is beautiful !! made me a little wonderful that we have a merciful Lord !
I really like the way this heart rending story ended. I assume it's a story, please forgive me if it's not, but still, I very much appreciate the joyful truth at the end.
you really captured the pain and fear of such a situation. i really hope it isnt true, apologies if it is. but this piece is amazing
Lynda, I've been absorbing your helpful tips about writing and decided to start reading some of your challenges. This is perhaps, the most touching, gripping and heartfelt work of art, I have read to date. No wonder you are where you are. Thank you for your heart to help others in their writing endeavor.