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I like this. Very imaginative.
Great article--very creative! I'm glad you explained what Spook was, because I hadn't quite figured it out. Made me laugh when I did read the explanation. Cute.
The story is good, but I really don't think an angel would be so disrespectful of the Holy Spirit. That part really bothered me.
Interesting POV... a little disrespectful in places, but you demostrated a good lesson.
Well, you asked in the Hinting section if we thought your mention of "Spook", referring to the Holy Spirit was bordering on the sacrilege. In my opinion, I think it does a bit. You asked! But then, I am of the old school, being well on into my senior years. Maybe things in the modern world are a bit freer, but I wouldn't like to chance it...However, it is YOUR article, and you did a good job with the telling of it, even if I....Well, enough said...Helen. Write me if you want. I don't mind a discussion...
The story is well written and indeed different. Good dialogue. Since you asked , I have to agree about the "Spook" part. The Holy Spirt is God just as Christ is God as the Father is God. Can't imagine an angel speaking of God in such terms.
author's note: apologies to those readers who were offended by the tone of this piece.
The term Spook was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek parody of the archaic term 'Holy Ghost'. I'm sorry that it didn't work.
The doubts over the abilities of the Holy Spirit were intended to parallel the doubts we all experience when things go badly wrong, eg doesn't God care, doesn't he know or is he unable to act? In this case the actions of the Spirit are clearly vindicated by the end.
It's not a sin to question, but rather entirely human. Whether it's an angelic trait, no one knows - although Peter does say that even angels long to ponder the mysteries of God (1Pet 1:12)