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This is absolutely delightful. I loved loved loved it and I am absolutely green with envy. Why canít I write like this? But hey, imagine what would happen if letter E went AWOL.
Fantastic story. So fun to read. Great job.
What an absolutely DELIGHTFUL and hysterical piece! This is brilliant. Dying to know who wrote this one :)Absolutely creative in every way.
Quality writing here!!
I looooove this one--it's fabulous!
What an imaginative story!
absolutely favorite phrase..."the law of the letter"... this just has me in awe at the wonderful creative gift God has given you.. and blessed all of us with...! bravo!
Quite quintessentially quirky. Qu-dos!
Off the charts creative. This was really, really fun. Two thumbs up.
How clever!! I would love to have been perched inside your imagination as you pieced this together! What wonderful--truly WONDERFUL--talent. you had me peeking down at my keyboard and almost congratulating Q!
Mega points on creativity and reader involvement. Loved every line. God bless.
Haha! "Want to have a WORD with you" giggle. This was simply brilliant!
This is so clever. Every line was creative. Great job!
So very cute and clever! I love it--a wonderful play on words, or shall I say, on letters?...Quite clever. Quite quaint!...I shall never look at a QQQQ in the same way again....Don't ever QUIT writing....Helen
This is my absolute favorite entry. Literally had me laughing out loud!
What a fun read and so unique. Loved it!
un-uestionably -uite the -uintessential winner! What a hoot!
She felt slightly "abridged"

something she couldn't "define"

Oh my gosh! It's little puns like the ones above that make this story PERFECT reading material. This has to be my favorite entry of yours hands down, Karen. And you have had some other really good ones.

This was so incredibly creative and funny. It appears that you had fun writing this, and I had soooo much fun reading it. I'm adding this on eto my favorites list.

I'm so glad that it received an EC, because if it hadn't, I would have had to -uit FaithWriters. LOL. Joking of course, but still it would have been a travesty. :)
This has to be one of the most fun and engaging stories I have ever read. You have to get this published. I can see it illustrated as a children's story. Now if you'll excuse me I am about to quietly play a game of QUOIT with our Quey in the quag. Grin. Nice job!God bless.:0)Janice
Your creativity, originality, and humor, along with your great writing style, make this a delightful read.
Congratulations on your EC, Karen. This is really, really clever. Great job with the topic.
Awesome, I think I've read it five times already. This will end up circulating through many classrooms. Did I say "awesome"? -uite brilliant.
Unquestionably, this is quite cute... :-) Great job!
I'm not sure how I missed this one but I am incredibly glad that it placed so that I didn't. It took a creatively brilliant mind to think this up and then make it resound, without Question!
WOW, what an imagination. Loved this Q-ute story! I agree with the others, this should be a children's book. Congrats on your well-deserved win.
I loved this entry, Karen. I even read it to my whole family, and they enjoyed it, too. Congerats on your EC!
Oh Karen...this was pure genius! This was a BLAST to read. I am so glad it placed...congratulations!
Such a delightful piece to must have been so much fun to write! Congratulations on a well-deserved win!
As did the others who left comments, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. It put me in mind of the novel "Ella Minnow Pea." If you haven't read it, I think you might like it.
Upon re-reading, if line 4 is any indication, you have read the book I mentioned! How fun!

I love this acrostic story. I think it would be a wonderful children's book.