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I loved the way you told the story, counting as in a hide and seek game... it certainly applies.. and the grand finale at ten is worth waiting for.. VERY creative and well done... !
Very clever and intense. I love this take on the topic, and the message presented so profound and beautifully. Wonderful.
This was a very clever way of presenting this week's topic. I loved the countdown to God's return. Very cool!
"Ready or not..." Oh, the power in those words. You did a great job of spotlighting the most important moment that will ever happen.
"Filth and greed had overcome the world completely. Darkened hearts took delight in the immoral and wrongful deeds of the flesh. God? He was but a figment of the imagination created for those who felt too weak to walk on their own. The world was a playground, offered for pleasures."...It would appear that THIS is the time slot the world is in right now....And, as you say, it is nigh time that God said, “Ready or not, here I come.”

Very poignant message, and so very well presented...God bless!...Helen
I liked the way you presented this story--the countdown--and then the final decree--Ready or not, here I come! Much food for thought here. Congratulations on your placment in the EC top 10 list.
Love your creativity in writing this. Congratulations on your EC!
Awesome writing here Rachel. Super congratulations to you!
Even though the reader may be able to predict that last line, it is still awesome when it is finally delivered. This was very well crafted, had a very important message, and was a joy to read, congratulations on your EC.