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Unhappily these days, no one knows when something like this just might happen—even in our "safe" first-world havens. A scary tale well told.
I'm so glad she answered that way. I was as shocked as she was when she saw the masked man. Great job on this story.
Very engaging and masterfully written. Edge-of-my-seat reading.
Excellent and timely writing.

My only problem with this story (and many others like it) is...who's writing it? How?

A gripping story, important to read. I'd love for this to be part of a teen curriculum.
This is a very good take on a killing that did happen, I tried to find the story, couldn't remember the name of the girl, or when it happened. I wish this story wasn't this good, it's so sad, but so beautiful, that she was willing to stand up for her beliefs.
Found the news story, it was Cassie Bernall at Columbine that was sot in the library. Still a very good take on the story. No one knows what really happened that day.
Congratulations on your EC. This is written very well...chillingly well. Nice job with the topic.
While the idea for this obviously comes from the Columbine incident, you did a great job fictionalizing the scenario and weaving in the message of staying faithful to the end. I too have a problem with a first person narrator not surviving his/her story, but this was very thought provoking, which I assume was your primary aim. Congrats on the EC.