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Very powerfully written with beautiful details!
I didn't know what her decision was going to be, and I'm glad for the action she picked. Very nice!
This is masterfully done. I was on the edge of my seat throughout trying to figure out what was going on. Expertly crafted with an ending I definitely was not expecting.
Wow ... VERY good take on the subject and done VERY well. Wow.
Sad, yet hopeful. I love the words you chose and to write it in the form of a letter is beautiful. Great piece!
VERY good, and very timely! I was hanging on every word.
Gripping! I love the story. I did find myself wondering how the letter got to Samir, as it is written after the fact. Would her writing this from prison lead the police to Samir?
You really had me guessing at which direction this woman was going to take right up until the end. I have such a hard time putting myself in the shoes of people who do this--just what are they thinking as they get on the their fellow passengers...and then-it's over. Good job getting me inside this character's head. I shudder when I think of the kind of hate or the kind of fear that motivates this type of merciless and savage revenge.
Wow, this is very well written... Excellent job!
So well written. I thought she was going somewhere to commit suicide, and I'm so glad your MC got the Truth in time. A beautifully written take on this topic and a well deserved EC win!
This is fantastic. Well done. You crafted a wonderful piece that kept me hanging on every word. And I absolutely love your voice. It's very distinquished.
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is very good--and very chilling reading it today. Great job with the topic.
I loved your story. Thank you for putting your life into it and making it real.
This very definitely earned first placed, congratulations. Very well done.
Oh my...this was gripping. Incredible work. Congratulations.
Awesome, simply awesome. I loved the description of the day was (sunshine) compared to how the MC thought it should be on such a potentially tragic day. This was scarily realistic. Congrats on a 1st place EC, well deserved.