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What a cruel mother she was. I could feel the tension in the small boy.
Scary and disturbing.
Hauntingly presented. Absolutely riveting. Wow.
Poor kid. I hope his mom is found out. Well done.
Oh man... Don't know what else to say.
well written, I wasn't sure at first who was unwanted the husband or the child.
This is very well written if your goal was to make me feel for this boy. I hope the TRUTH will be known and the mother will get the help she needs. So sad...
It has been said that a true artist evokes emotion with their work.
You, my dear, are an Artist!
Powerful, powerful writing. I pray that your objective will be realized in at least one reader, dear friend!
Wow… I'm hoping this is fiction… but knowing that it does happen is heartbreaking. This is so well-written, but at the time you are so involved in the story that you don't think about the writing. (I mean that as a complement.)
Wow! This isn't a theme that's talked about much, but your story certainly did a wonderful job of showcasing the family dynamics. Yes, it's sad and frightening, but it's also informative. I like how you had Cory struggling with the messages he had heard in Sunday school.
Wow. I wasn't sure either who was unwanted... very well told. Such a sensitive topic. I'm glad I read your hint first or I would have really been wondering, what in the world? Well done.