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Eerie take on the topic. Very thought provoking and well-written. The last line reminded of Paul's words in 2 Cor. 2:11 where he told the believers, "We are not unaware of his [Satan's] schemes." Unfortunately, today many believers are unaware. Nice Job!
from the kitchen of hell itself. wow. great take on the topic!

..i was a little confused on who was telling the story at times, if it was the devil, or just a "senior demon".

it IS ridiculous how blinded we can be sometimes... Lord keep our eyes open!
VERY creative take on the topic. I was engaged.
Thought provoking story that prompts us to keep our gaze focused in the right direction over Christmas.
This is the second story this week that I can see as a skit for a church service. Yours would be such a great visual with an eye opening message. Appreciated your "take" on the topic. Very original...
You've done amazing work with this brutally frank and not-for-the-faint-of-heart story. I like your word choices and phrases, "several smoking ovens" and "keep everything ecclesiastical off the menu." I've never heard of "Hogmanay" I'm going to have to check that out. :)
Unique and chilling. Great job.
Your creative idea is wrapped in wonderful word choices carrying a very important message.
With it being the end of October, this read like a cross between Halloween and's also a reminder that demons are busy at both times.
Wow. This is eerily true and thought provoking. Great use of dialogue and great characterization. Excellent job!
Wow, you had me until the very end. It was very CS Lewis like, which is the best compliment I know how to bestow on you and this piece...I see why you have been knighted a master....this will win!
Not only was this a unique take on the topic, it was masterfully written as well. I hesitated stepping into Hell's Kitchen, but you sucked me in and didn't let go of me until the end. Congrats on your EC! :)
Quite an inventive take on the topic. This piece should serve as a reminder to each of us that Satan is always hovering around just waiting to catch us in a weak moment. Thanks for the creative way you put this together. Congrats on your EC placement.