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hahahaha. loved it!!!! (:

all that work she did... perhaps just the fireplace??

Sometimes the more time we put into things, turns on us, and makes us regret doing something a little simpler, huh?

I laughed out loud at the pictures you showed of the husband's room. Cleverly done.
What a clever, humorous entertaining poem. You painted pictures in my mind from beginning to end. LOL. I think I know who the author might be. Hope to see this on the EC list.
Great rhyme, meter, and a riot of story line. Excellent Job!
Hilarious. This should be a scene in a movie. :)
Oh my! Just excellent in its humor and and creative word selection and imagery. I giggled from beginning to end! (And laughed hard quite a few times!)
This had me laughing.. and guessing who wrote this delightful piece.. how on earth do you think up these wonderfully creative stories?
What a delight! Love the humor and vivid details. Excellent job.
Wow! This is so funny and entertaining!
This was a hoot! I did think it all sounded a bit of a fire risk, but I thought the sparks would fly between the husband and wife, not around the house! Very imaginative writing.
This is funny. Your descriptions put me right there in that room. Great job!
I am not usually a fan of poetry but I was hooked the entire way. Good job.
Very fun read. Great rhyme and meter.
People tell me that I can write humor, but I sure can't write it in such an eloquent way. This is a masterpiece! Loved every line! :)
Congratulations on your 1st place EC win. Love this fun poem!
Congratulations, Beth! It's great seeing your name in "lights" :D -especially at the very top!
Oh my, to be inside your head for one hour!!! I would be brilliant!!!!

Congratulations on 1st place. This is one of the most incredible and hilarious poems I've ever read!
Congratulations twice, Sparkly Sister, once each for separate first places! You brought lots of laughter and fun this week! Love, Verna
This is excellent...and so creative. Well done on your first place.
Great Job for my Master Poet, She has always had a way with words. I'm so excited for her.
Too Cool! Congratulations!
How funny! Congratulations on a FANTASTICALLY creative piece! Wowsa! (And remind me to never ever never eat at your house! ROFL!)
What a rollicking good read! The words tripped off my tongue. Congrats, Beth.
Pure genius...congratulations!
Congratulations on your win! This is such fun! Great job!
Hee, it, Beffy!
Classic and wonderful "Beth" poetry! Love this Beth, and the humor made my day...You are beyond clever with your poetry--more like genius! (And I'm not just saying that 'cause you're my sistah!)
Truly fantastic - wow! I couldn't read it out loud for all my chuckles and hoots!
You described the chaos in such detail - very funny!
Lol, I really had a good laugh this morning.. This was a beautiful and very descriptive poem, Such imagery! Loved every bit of it..
Beth, I knew this was your witty writing. Big congrats on placing top overall and also in your level. Again, thanks for this humorous poem.