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Colleagues of mine work in Muslim countries and tell lots of stories of what it costs for a Muslim to come to Christ, and what it might cost to be a Christian. You portray a very real struggle and suggest very real consequences. Well done.
Thank you for a look through the window into the struggle a man must go through to choose Christ.
Very powerful and vivid. I was completely engaged in this peek into the Muslim world. Excellent.
This story is so enlightening. It is very hard for me to imagine such a difficult life as you have shown here. You show it so well. You asked if the words used were a hinderance - not really (after seeing the references at the end). Without the references, it took more energy to think about what the words meant. (Could have something to do with needing more coffee this morning)
This is an excellent portrayal of what happens when we blindly follow an ideology, with a closed mind. I agree with the last post, I think this clash of cultures and god against God is going to lead to something totally beyond our abilities. It is all in God's hands, but we must do our part, as did the Christians in your story. If they don't see the love, there is no chance to gain entrance to their minds and hearts.
Your excellent story is a reminder for us to pray for God's Word to find its way into the lives and hearts of Muslims and all others who need him. The atmosphere of the story was chilling.
The words did not distract at all. There was only one I couldn't figure out (the one 'if Allah wills'). I really enjoyed reading this. You drew me in right away and had great characterization.
Extremely gripping and powerful writing. One of this week's best, in my opinion.
Engaging glimpse into the conflicts so many are forced to endure, and worse, simply by wishing to find the Truth.
A very different entry from the rest - I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for this look into Islam. Great writing, the dialog is super, and I could feel the cousins' emotions.
Vivid and powerful story. The dialogue and emotions portrayed excellent.
It is often a life and death situation when a Muslim decides to read some more and make up his mind about `Īsā. Wonderful entry Gregory.