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Oh, ouch! There are some very pointed jabs mixed with humour, and some serious notes as well. I think it's good!
Fun to read! And just when I was getting a big head from reading many other entries!
SO cute and fun. This must have been enjoyable to write - and I am VERY curious of the nationality of this writer!
Of course the person who wrote this hilarious story is an American. I am a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria, and this is the same way we poke fun at the state of things here.
Thanks so much for this essay on dear old US of A
What fun! I loved it. (And how clever to have it written by someone who could make errors in mechanics!)
An enjoyable read, amusing, wry, and insightful. Your voice is captured perfectly.
Not written by an American, not politically correct enough :)
This is absolutely fabulous! I grinned all the way through it. Thanks for the wonderfully entertaining read.
I think this is hilarious... :-) Great job "poking fun" at us Americans... ;-)
I especially like that Jed Bartlett fellow as President - LOLOL. Only someone - not- from the USA could write this - and with such wit. Thoroughly enjoyable. :)
I'll bet anything I know who wrote this. I laughed all the way through it because I could just see this person grinning and typing like crazy as thought after thought came to mind. What a delightful piece and such a fun read!!
I can hardly wait to find out who wrote this! (lol) It's a hoot. YOu through me with the Jed Bartlett as former president. I had to go back and think, then realized you were poking fun. Very cool.
This is fabulously witty and creative.
Congratulations on your EC. Loved the part about football and baseball--too funny.
Absolutely fabulous, spot on and certainly all of that! Cheers to the mate that penned this. Bond would be proud of all of your insider knowledge. OK, since I don't know any other Brit terms to tease you about, let me say this was extremely clever, creative and just plain, old fun. Great, great job and a well deserved EC - my fav this week.
Congratulations on receiving an EC with this!!
Hee-hee! So deliciously humorous and clever!! CONGRATULATIONS on your very well-deserved EC!! :)