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Enjoyed this and the sarcastic humor laced throughout.
I enjoyed your excellently written satire. I am still, though, trying to imagine pickles on a bacon [email protected]
This is very funny and has finally confirmed one of my life long suspicions... I am just a figment of someone's imagination.
Hahahahahaha...I'd prove to you Australia really exists, but I am an illusion myself. A vapor I tell ya...

This was great fun to read.
What a riot! You MUST have had fun with this - and Esther's comment is ALMOST as funny! ;) Still giggling.
I knew the duck billed platypus was too good to be true! I always wanted one for a pet, but now my hopes and dreams have been dashed. LOL. This was quite the unique take on the topic. :)
Dear Sebastian Prattson,

As much as I greatly enjoyed your article, I do believe you have been imbibing far too much of your warm English beer, or perhaps eating too many carbo loaded pies with mushy peas. Of course Australia exists. I know that for a fact because I am an Australian. If Australia didn't exist, then I wouldn't exist and I think I'd know whether or not I was really here. I mean, if I were merely the creation of some devious group within MI5 (or was it MI6), I wouldn't be able to respond and say... blink - blink - blink

"We are currently experiencing technical difficulties but will shortly return you to our broadcast from the British Foreign Office."
Unlike Andrew Flintoff at Lord's, you can't dismiss us Aussies so easily! We are definitely real, with a lot more substance than Edison's first light bulb - which was just a filament of his imnagination!
But seriously Gregory, I enjoyed your MC's sense of farce, that elusive mix of exaggeration and subtley which I enjoy so much about British humour.
Well done