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Good points made in this piece. It's true that Indians will be more receptive to "one of their own" rather than an outsider.
Thought-provoking and well-put. Interesting way to tackle the topic.
Just goes to show, you're never too old to learn. I like the older gentleman's questions, and willingness to learn and change his heart.
Great way of addressing a growing problem...Bible school graduates in India need support to reach their people, especially since foreigners are being targeted and missionaries can't get a Visa. Good job.
This was an excellent way to present important information about missionaries in India and introduce an interesting character. I felt like your mc was someone I knew.
I loved all the points that were made and made so well. I loved the "conflict" and that the old missionary was "gently" corrected. We can so easily miss this subtle form of religious pride, especially when we have good intentions and are in service. Great way to learn with a fun story.
A really nice story! I love that even though you may not be able to go to the country, you can still support those who are able! :)