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This is marvelous! You perfectly rendered the Indian-English accent, so well that I found myself reading with that distinctive inflection. And there's a buried jewel subtly placed in the laugh-out-loud story. Love it!
Great job. You captured the accent "verdy" well. I'm still chuckling over this enjoyable piece.
I LOVE Pastor Dan! I want to be more like him, too.
Creative entry. :)
I can totally hear the accent and even imagine him too! Excellent job on this piece. :)
The accent enthralled me too! Great work, and simply hilarious.
Enjoyable story. What a beautiful character you shared with us. I could picture him and a day in his and there. Held my interest.
I loved this story. The accent was great; I could literally hear him talking in my head.
I may be the only one but I didn't connect to this story. The humour felt contrived to me.
The part I do like is when the Indian man speaks.
What a wonderfully delightful piece. I enjoyed the voice of both the MC and the Indian pastor. Love the title too!
Absolutely delightful!
I can see why some people could be offended by your story, but in truth I loved it. Probably the imagery of the funky chicken skit most of all! But all of a sudden the humour disappeared and there was this sombre note about suffering for the gospel and a side swipe at the superficiality of so much of western Christianity. Powerful.