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I loved this! Hubby and I thought it is great fun!
Just delightful and fun and silly and so typical of the author ;)

This quacked me up too ;)The one-liners, as usual, are amazing.
You are truly amazing in your use of words. Lots of great humor here, and brilliant in your details within ryhme. Great job!
Oh what fun, what fun. Such a colorful painting of words and rhyme. I loved every verse. Great job.
Hilarious—such wonderful imagination.
This was delightfully funny. I loved the way you interwove Chinese words/phrases with humor.
Very funny, and you managed to gently send up so many aspects of China, or at least, our perception of it, such as the China Syndrome.
ROFL, ROFL, ROFL!!! This is just too, too funny! I absolutely loved this! Hilarious lines and hilarious take, i really hope this does well, it's one of my favorites for this week!
I'm sitting here shaking my head in amazement. This was just plain wonderful. Talent and humor... brilliant!
Love this..."Could wok while chewing gum." The poem is a delight and love the humor!
Excellent and very clever.
You did it AGAIN! Congrats Beth... a win so well deserved.. as always your gift to us blesses and amazes me!
This is so funny. Very good writing! Congratulations, Beth! This piece so deserves an EC!!!
Absolutely marvelous. A truly enjoyable read. Congratulations on your EC!
Fantastic, so funny and I was bouncing a little as I read it! Congrats.
Congratulations, Beth! This is deliciously funny and fun to read! Wonderful. ( :

What a delightful tour de force in whimsy ...

So THAT's where the fortune cooky came from! You are so clever and funny. I'm glad faithwriters gets to publish this first for all the world to see!

And, I so appreciate your finding my recent short story and taking time to leave a comment. Thanks so much!