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I liked the MC's voice throughout and the nice twist at the end.
Glad he finished that CPR course. :-)
Great twist and great voice. The title is A+ too.
Very original, and I too like the teenage boy-ness of this.

I think that past tense would have worked better--the present tense jarred a bit, especially during the crisis. I wanted to say "Stop worrying about your audience and take care of your mom!" Present tense works better for pieces that are more introspective, less active.

Very good use of the topic--extremely original.
Great job on sustaining interest all the way through! I wasn't expecting the ending... and I was very relieved (and amused) by what you did with it!
Oh wow, that took I turn I didn't expect, but glad it ended on a happy note. Well done.
Very glad to see that he completed his CPR training. It made for a really good ending. As one who also tends to leave projects unfinished, I took something away from this piece and I'm reminded how important it is to stay the course whenever you have goals set for yourself. Good job demonstrating this week's topic. :)
This is a really fun entry. I wanted to hand your MC some ADD meds. LOL. Very entertaining! God job.