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Oh wow! I could feel the tension throughout, and could picture the battle... Almost Narnia like in my head. :) I felt for the man at the end. You portrayed his battle -- physical and spiritual -- well.
Excellent descriptions. This is something I would never have thought of: "Teeth rattled in soldiers’ mouths as their helmets were struck with force."

Creative take on the topic as well.
What Christian hasn't thought about being in a situation where it would be life/death over denying God?
You wrote this with such a battle-tone, thunderous words. Very good descriptions, vivid.
some excellent battle narrative. Likewise I was reminded of Prince Caspian.
I found the transition a little awkward, particularly with the change in person. Maybe you could have dropped in a line just before the transition about this knight falling in the battle and being left for dead. That would have made for an easier sense of continuity. That said, I enjoyed your dramatic language, especially 'men dropped like rain laced with lead.'
The battle scene was electric! Then when I realized it was a spiritual battle, I was even more excited about the Victor and His orders not to give in. Vivid descriptions - Super writing.
Very good allegory--I'd have liked even more of this. Love the ending.
Yowsas, I was on the edge of my seat, gripped in the battle. Excellent word choices - loved the witnessing trees, the sounds of the battle, the rain laced with lead. The ending was perfect! Made the whole opening picture even better - well, well done.
This reminded me of the Battle of Hastings (being English) but it was the foreign king who prevailed in that war.
Very interesting piece - but some of your spelling is different to ours too.

Very good writing. Excellent job with the topic. Totally captivating.
Your opening lines set the scene and mood for this wonderful story so perfectly! These words sent a chill down my spine: "Today they would own victory. Today they would own a soul." I had to keep reading!! :)

What a creative, energetic piece!

Excellent! I felt like I was in a theater watching a Big Screen with the sound of battle booming all around. Great detail and a good lesson.
HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 2ND PLACE EC!! I'm not surprised your excellent story won! :)
Congratulations on your EC. I really liked this one.

Masterful job of matching sentence structure and style to the pulse of battle.

You captured the anticipation and feeling of dread when we hear the reveille of battle.

Masterful, indeed.