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This is very poignant. It reminds me when I used to volunteer to teach art in elementary school. The two hardest thing they ever had to draw was 1. whatever they wanted; 2. and having the blue sky come all the way down to touch the ground. Your writing brought back some great memories of those kids, exactly!
I absolutely love this story. Children are actually more aware than we are. More often than not, a child will give you an accurate description of what he can see and go further to tell you what he senses.
I'm happy this stroy has a happy ending. Thanks for sharing.
Ohhh - I LOVE this! Wonderful characterization and POV. Great stuff.
Lovely, simply lovely.
This is a beautiful story with a perfect ending. I'd wanted to hug Billy, too.
This story had my eyes misting over. First because I wanted to help Billy, and then when it ended happily, I too had happy tears. Great job.
Lots of depth here. Would love to hear the middle part about the father turning his life around. Lovely inspiring story.
A wonderful story-I was rooting for a happy ending and I got it. Thank you for a lovely entry.
Movingly told, and a powerful testimony to the power of Jesus to change lives and families.
Being a softy, I love happy endings and this one is perfect. Very engaging writing.
This was a beautiful story, I hate to spoil it but I have a silly question. How do you make a backwards Y?