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Duh, I never guessed until right near the end. Very good.
Oh, man. You GOT me - hook, line, and sinker! (sorry for the poor pun!)That last line literally made me gasp. I kept wondering where this prison was - wasn't even close. SO clever.
I think this qualifies as "out of the box". Super job keeping us in the dark until the very end.
Quite a twist here, and completely unexpected, but it is the first time I've considered the womb a prison of torture~! Some of the babies I have delivered looked very much like they were ready to climb right back in when they were exposed to the harsh medical lights, so I'm not so sure...
This was superb, especially with the birth of my grandson the other day. I will have to get my daughter to read this one!
It's very clever--but I found it a bit disturbing, too. I just never thought of the womb as such a hostile environment.

Simply outstanding creativity and atmosphere...awesome writing.
Where do you masters-people get these incredible ideas? Do you eat a couple pizzas before going to bed at night? What??? (In other words, I couldn't have come up with such a creative idea like this if I would have eaten ten pizzas before going to bed.) Well done! I did figure out what was happening about half-way through the story but it still didn't take away from the intrigue. I simply laughted and giggled my way through the rest of the story. (After reading Jan's class about surprise endings, I think I know who wrote this. We'll see.)
Descriptive and very clever...I didn't get it until the last paragraph. Well done.
I just don't know what to say. I too wonder what you ate before bedtime. lol A very "unique" pov regarding birth. The womb a prison?
Though this was interesting, and certainly had a surprise ending, it bothered me that the miracle of life and birth was put in the same category as prison and torture.
Hilarious unexpected ending. Actually I was wondering after the 2nd or 3rd paragraph and then I began guessing more. What a fun piece!
I think this is a very intriguing, maybe a little disturbing, entry. It's definitely well crafted and well-written. It took me until the second to last paragraph to get it and then I was laughing and enjoying the ending. Who knows what these babies think of their release/break-out? :)
Okay, you got me too. LOL. SO did not see where this was going! Wonderful stuff, the twist at the end is marvelous! loved it! Kudos to you!
Oh... my... goodness! I was NOT expecting that!! I've often thought it's a good thing that we can't remember anything about what it was like before we were born. Very clever, very creative!
Well, I don't think one could read this entry and not Feel something! For sure, a reaction getter. The prison, torture and so on was told from a man's POV and so was the ending.

You have unfolded the events brilliantly, almost from beneath a cloak of malice. Not exactly a womb with a view; but I'd like to know if the father handed out Cuban cigars???