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Lovely descriptions, and you can feel the pleasure and pride of the artist throughout.
As I was reading this, I kept feeling that the true MC was the paint brush, so I saw great meaning from "the brush became an extension." The last line is a kicker. Very nice.
Just beautiful, and an incredible take on the topic and subject matter. Lovely.
You describe the birth of Creation so well in this lovely, poetic piece! Your images are clear and colorful, and my favorite section is this:

"Yellow and white create the essence of light, shattering the night so recently brought into existence. A shimmering sign of hope, the newly presented strokes cast the darkness aside. It is daylight bringing on the dawn."

Nice writing! :)
Love the little hints at Genesis! Gorgeous writing.
Oh how artistic are your words-lovely hon, just lovely!Beautifully described piece.
Simply beautiful! Had to read it slow to enjoy all the different descriptions, so well done!
I like the use of colors that describe so well this beautiful world. This piece also reveals how much delight God took in creation. Beautifully written!
Beautiful and vivid use of colors and imagery! Very well done!
I had to reread your story after seeing Jan's remarks. Sure enough, there is a hint of Genesis. Love it! I could visualize the brush flowing across the canvas as you described the scene. Richly done!
What a beautiful picture you've painted of the Master Painter's picture-does that make sense? Anyway, I love it.
Very colourful - being a amateur artist I enjoyed this well written piece. Thanks so much - Colin