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You did a great job of giving a true picture of what's happening in so many of today's churches. So many lost sheep--we must continue to pray for them.
You surely caught me at the end with your well plotted story that shows the sadly realistic condition of many of America's churches today.
Bravo! This is a subject near and dear to my heart-- yet I rarely speak or write about it, for the "H&L" mentality is so deeply engrained in so many churches now, I fear I would offend someone. Your approach is just right: deft, pointed, yet with plenty of heart and good humor. I look forward to finding out who wrote this!
GOD bless you for writing this with boldness and courage!!!

Such a sickening and wearying sad state of the modern, mainstream, disillusioned so- called evangelical churches! I yearn for a "remnant" church of our Holy, Saviour and King Jesus Christ where my family and I could worship Him and serve Him in the beauty of holiness and Truth!


You knocked this one right out of the ballpark! Kudos big time! I wonder how many pastors could have written this story. This is a story that needed to be told. I hope it gets wide coverage and places high.
A very big 'ouch' factor in this. A powerful story that needs to be told. May we indeed be found ready. Great writing.
Wowzers! I dig the edgy message, and a great tie in to the topic. Nicely done...
Strong message written with passion. True picture of many congregations. There are some very good churches that are large and well-attended. Mine is one. My pastor, by the way, is from South Africa. The word is preached and not milked down. Billy Graham is a member of my church, but he's not physically able to attend. I thank God for pastors who stand strong! Great story.
Excellent message! A winner in my book!
So glad you didn't mince words at all with this. Unfortunately for the world, this story is full of truth and it saddens me. Our pastors need to be encouraged to preach the word..thanks for the reminder.
Very interesting piece, thanks for sharing. I was wondering where it was going and whether there would be a happy ending to it. nice job.
Powerful reminder to those in the Remnant...stand firm and be true to the Word of God. May God bless you for sharing such a powerful truth.