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This was a fun and light hearted read. Thanks, just what I needed to begin my day.
What fun! What creativity! What delightful reading!
Great title! And an amusing read! I loved it
Wow, there is so much talent in this presention of words. Crafted and sculpted to the reader's delight. Awesome!
Yup - knew it was yours. Masterful, as always. That last stanza, as always, took the cake (or perhaps the fish). You need to make a book of these!
Very witty! I just fear what the Public Health guys will do to his kiosk when some well-meaning scientist publishes some research showing that bird flu can be caught from eating the meat of an infected specimen...!
Thanks for a good giggle.
You really do have an incredible gift. :D
What joy. What fun. What creativity through and through.

Just wonderful!
Fun! Fun! Fun! This was a funny story written in a delightful form. It put a great big smile on my face, for sure.
Absolutely loved the last line about "filet of albatross"!!! A cute, funny story that I enjoyed very much.
Thank you by the way for your kind words for my story.
Just sent you a private e-mail, and forgot to tell you this: I love your poem! It is so fun and so well written.