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It's 96 degrees today where I live, and as I read your creative entry I imagined it was lots cooler. Thanks.
I love, love, love this. Each word takes me to that place and I sense the atmosphere.
Brilliantly written, offering winter at its best.
The shh..lines worked to get across your message.

Not sure I want to think about winter during the summer. Having to deal with ice and snow makes one want to put winter out of mind as long as possible, especiaslly if one is still adjusting from being a "desert rat" to being a midwesterner. However, Rachel, having said that, as usual you've done a great job of capturing my senses.
You captured the the way snow seems to deaden sound and the only thing heard is the creak of your boots in the snow; and the beauty of icicles (love the comparison to frozen wind chimes); and so much else good about winter. Nice!
This was a pleasure to read. It almost makes winter and snow seem appealing.
Lovely. The use of "shhhh...", as a pause between each thought was so effective, and just right for the topic.
Beautiful imagery here--and exactly on topic.
Yes to this and yes to the "Shss" quiet beauty it reveals.
Very peaceful - the musings of someone at peace with themselves and in their world.
Beautiful pacing, almost makes me like winter (which I really hate). It takes me to a serene place.
This read like a poem. Your descriptions were lovely and I felt as if it was indeed winter.
Quite a beautiful rendering of the winter scene in a poetic dreamy way. Enjoyed! Colin
Your writing is alive with visuals!
Wonderfully descriptive. Even though this is not geared for children, I could see a parent reading this at a child's bedside before going to sleep. This piece is so very soothing....