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Wow, Rachel, that one brought tears to my eyes. It brought back memories involving close friends and their loss. There are some wonderful story ideas these challenges bring up.
Born into heaven--born into life--a very creative idea for infancy. I like your interpretation of both occurring amid joy.
I really liked how you made dying a comparison to birth. Death is a process much like being born as we leave one known environment for the unknown one. Lovely interpretation.
I liked how you compared death to being born into a new life. Very good writing. I appreciate you sharing this with all of us.
I've been trying to figure out Claire/Janice. Wasn't sure if Janice was a mother who died and baby(POV) with her? Or if Janice was the baby.
Either way, dynamic story that pulls the reader in.
An excellent twist. Recaptured my interest and piqued my curiosity just as I was starting to think that I had read it all before.
Very creative POV - I enjoyed it!
This was very well done! I liked the comparisons and intertwining of the two major events together. You made me homesick for heaven! Kudos! Your writing shows great sensitivity and was perfect for this topic.
Well-written, and very moving.

I'd have chosen a different title, I think. This one is a familiar phrase, and lacks the emotional impact of the story.

This is very sad, but also full of hope. Well done!
This story made me ponder many things about birth and death. Thank goodness God makes our progression through these stages mandatory -- or we'd never move on and we'd miss the prize. Thanks for giving me this gem today.