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I was really intrigued by the plot--so hoping that was going to be the mc's house. It's fun to see bullies get their comeuppance. You managed also to get in some excellent description.
Love the twist.
Oh, I was pulling for Andrew to come out the winner on this one--great plot and fun to read.
Seems like I saw a movie on TV that had some similar scenes. But then we do take inspiration from things we witness in life, and is there any, what we call, "original thought" anymore? I'm not a fan of Halloween for reasons too numerous to go into. However, if one is going to read a story about Halloween, this was a good one.
Don't you love it when the bully gets it? Fun story and I could see it playing out.

I like your writing style very much. Much fun!
What a great piece of writing. You'll place high with this one! Kudos!
I loved the ending...Great twist! I was rooting fro Andrew, and glad he got the upper hand in the situation. Congratulations on your EC.
Great story and love the twist at the end. Congratulations on your EC.
Wonderfully suspenseful with a PERFECT ending. I'm totally reading this one to my boys, they will love it too! Congrats on your EC.
Great atmosphere. And welcome to Masters. Looking forward to even more great entries