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I loved how your grandmother tried to prepare her granddaughter for what might be inevitable, along with the surety that she'd face the future for her if she could. The analogy of the GPS system for the monarch butterflies and her granddaughter was especially well done. Good job.
I loved this story, and when I got near the end, the "devotional spin" was a welcome. You managed communicate a basic tenet of Christianity without being at all "preachy". Amazing writing.
Great lesson in perfect packaging.
Loved the strength and guidance the grandmother gave to her grand-daughter. What a beautiful outing she planned for this young girl.
Nice analogy, which again reminds me of the wonderful direction given to us by our grandmothers.
Monarch butterflies are near and dear to my youngest daughter and I have been involved in the "tagging program". They have such a graceful beauty and it is an amazing feat how they travel so far. Wonderful story, I liked Gram's sauce!
Great insights here. Love your title, too:)
Wonderful in every aspect. I see why you are in the top level. What a wise Gram the Mc has!
What a wonder Grams. I love the line, "I also imagine that their Grams would gladly take on the horrendous flight for them if she could, but it's theirs to fly." Great job on topic.
You're too good, sweetie. I'm gonna have to do something about that! Maybe I could settle for wanting to be just like you when I grow up. **grin**

No kidding! Great job!!! You'll place high on this one and then I'll be mad at you for a week. **giggle**
Congratulations, Diana. Good work.
Congrats on another EC! I loved the message Gran shared with Princess. Perfect!
A very toughing and tender story with a great message. congratulations of being highly commended for your level, and for your EC.
Wow...amen. What a precious story.
This was such a great story and I loved the interaction between the two. Congrats on the EC!
When you can convey a spiritual message in such a way as this, you stand a very good chance of being able to reach those who might not otherwise want to hear it. Good job with conveying that message in a subtle and yet powerful manner.

Oh, and I learned a lot about butterflies by reading this too. :)