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I loved this memory. The details, the humor, the sentiment that I could certainly relate to! I felt like I was there with you.
Hey kid, I was there with you. Maybe not crawling under pews, but I was splashing "holy water" on my school buddy and racing him to see how many candles we could blow out as we made our way through a church we had always been afraid to enter. Then after the organ began playing loud in the balcony, we ran out the side door and to a nearby water culvert where we tried to catch our breath and resolved to never to do that again. Thanks for the memories!
Oh, I loved this! My dad was, for a time, a traveling preacher, and my brother and I used to do exactly those sorts of things in the churches he visited while he was talking to the pastor. We called it "exploring".
I love this! You did a great job. It really brought be back to my own childhood and growing up as a preachers kid. Thanks for the great memories!
This was delightful. On a second read hrough I couldn't decide whether the pews were still occupied during the race or if the people were milling around outside. Either way, the story was captivating.
As a PK I can totally relate. I participated in some shenanigans myself. I really enjoyed this. Well written. Nicely done.
What a hoot! Great story; absolutely LOVED the last line. :)
So cute and fun to read!
What a great story! I can relate because my dad also did this kind of thing. Thanks for the memories, told with such skill! Kudos!
Very cute. I was a church secretary. My kids spent lots of time at church, too. I'm sure there are stories I don't even know about:) Love your story and your title!
I could see brother and sister racing and having fun. This is what memories are made of. Very enjoyable story and writing.