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I raised four sons and havesix grandsons. This absolutely capturesthe nine year old heart. Funny!
The voice of your MC sounds authentic in this story--it made me smile several times. Wasn't sure if the misspelled words were on purpose to capture his voice, but will assume so. Good job.
Nathan sounds so real and I could just hear him telling this and I could not help but keep from smiling at the innocent but astute observations. I can't help but wonder what the teacher's comments are going to be on not only the honesty of the composition, but its content as well - I know what grade I'd give it A+ for sure, or 100% which ever is required.
Your voice was so authentic. I especially loved, "but my Dad says that God never had a mother-in-law so he couldn't possibly understand." This one made me smile. Nicely done!
Wonderful voice, and I love his observations and all the implications for the reader.

I found the writing advanced for a 9-year-old, at times.

Love the deliberate misspellings, and the peek into this little fellow's life!
An entertaining story with a good message. Oh how the Lord must love the faith of children.
Bryan stole my line to quote (LOL), but telling mum her bottom looks enormous comes in with a close second. So there. :)
I enjoyed your MC's voice and all the misspelled words. This was fun to read. I felt like I was looking over his shoulder as he wrote.