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I believe you've captured beautifully in poetry what Francis Frangipane has said. "Why waste energy criticizing what's wrong when our prayers can change it!" As usual, nice job.
Your writing here is very moving and so excellently told. Wonderful work!
Ah yes--things aren't always what they seem. Enjoyed the comparisons between the two women and your MC's enlightenment at the end. Lots of poetry this week, and yours is worthy of a second read. Great job.
I enjoyed your poetry and your lesson.
Very nice! A good reminder to Praise the Lord in ALL things. We never know what's really going on with others and comparing is a big waste of time.
It's so true that often we think that those who don't have real responsibilies are just enjoying life when in reality those responsibilities give us a real purpose in life. You have a great representation of this idea in your poem.
Excellent poetry. Your last two lines sum up the message well.
Wonderful poem with a great message. Excellent!
The last line so perfectly ends this poem. And I want to tack these lines on my wall as a reminder:

"He gave me all these things to do,
These jobs to keep my hands,
Busy working dawn 'til dusk,
So I could fill His plans."

Your message is relevant to all ages. I lost the rhythm a few times, but enjoyed your poem very much. Nice job.
Congratulations on placing with this story/poem. It told an important story, and was fun to read.
So much truth here... how many times do the people we envy also envy US? Well done--congratulations!
I thoroughly enjoyed this! Beautiful :)
I'm thinking the pity-fest is now over. :) Congrats on your EC!