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My heart ached for Lady Branwen on many levels as she feared for her husband and sons.
The piece reminds me of some "olde English" literature I read in college. Well written, but requires slower reading and heavier concentration.
Simply excellent.
Wow, simply an amazing story, exquisitely told! You grabbed my attention with this, "Likely the mule in his mind would not be swayed, but the tremors in her gut called for an attempt." I was torn between cheering for the older son who rebelled against the king or with the father and younger brothers. You are very skillful! I love this!
Wow. Enough said.
This is so good it deserves a category all of its own. Don't be surprised if you see a First Place ribbon attached to it tomorrow! You're good! You know it??? Kudos. Big time!!!
The depth of emotion revealed in your story is exceptionally well done. This is an outstanding story.
Well...ummm...I don't know what to say. This is very, very good. No, it's not. It's excellent.

I wanted to root for the rebel son, a little at least, but you made me empathize with the rest of the family, too. Two thumbs way up.
Bravo! And oh, that parting line! Heartbreaking. I wanted to weep with Lady Branwyn. A few of the dialog action "tags" didn't match the person speaking, and it slowed me down, but I really liked your Arturian (or whatever) tale. This could SO be turned into a first chapter for the page-turner contest. ;)
Phenomenal heart broke for the Lady, and then after the twist, for the husband as well. Very creative writing!
I never knew you could write in the Arthurian style like this. I love this time period and I loved this story. Nice work!