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Cute adventures shared between grandpa and grandson. I count it as a blessing to spend time with grandkids--obviously your MC does to.
What a delicious twist. And I loved the 'retarded' line. Nicely done.
Great story, I could just see Jeremy's eyes sparkling,Grandpa's too. Grankids are wonderful,well done.
I enjoyed the progression of this story. How clever! ...and your ending was priceless! :) Love it!
Adorable! Loved the ending as well, and the dog under the bed. Super cute.
This was adorable! I want this grandpa! Loved how you eased into "reality", and I literally laughed out loud at the retarded line. Absolutely priceless...
I enjoyed the adventure with Jeremy and Grandpa--a fun story.
I love stories that I think I have figured only to discover I don't at all. The confusing of the words "retired" and "retarded" made me chuckle out loud. This was a really fun read and one of my favorites this week.
I loved this piece. It was funny and imaginative. I love that the grandpa is still able to pretend. The pretend world was so real that for a second I was wondering how they got home so quickly. Even though others have mentioned this, I enjoyed the "retarded" line as well. It's cute and funny when children confuse words like that, especially when the words have such different meanings.
What a delightful and creative story. Loved everything about it.
You left a huge grin on my face (and not just because of the boy's last line. lol.). I love this Grandpa and his relationship with his grandson. Wonderfully written, very visual. Great entry.