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Everyone has a story to tell, be it about their own lives, or others. I would encourage you to write your memoirs and leave a living legacy for your family. Check
About half-way through I had a feeling this was Pontius Pilate speaking. I always enjoy a Biblical story with a fictional twist. Your last sentence summed this up perfectly. Good job.
Very creative POV! The modern-day words don't quite fit the story for me, but I loved the idea and your writing is exquisite. And for sure, his name was remembered.
This is such a creative take on the topic. His "only one life" is almost past... Nice writing with this!
Very cleaver and introspective and well written. How, too, it shows some never "get it" in that what they do, no matter how inconsequential it seems at the time, it affects the future while leaving an indelible footprint on the past. His reflective look at Barabbas speaks to this so very well. Great job!
It took me several paragraphs to guess (but I had a lot of good guesses before that, believe me!). Very insightful look at what happens after a political figure leaves the spotlight. Loved the last line!
MY goodness, that last line packed a huge punch. Loved the out of the box premise, which you cleverly disguised for quite a distance through the piece. I reread it to reference what seemed to be modern issues, but all fit so well in history. Uber-creative...superb writing. Wow.
Well, I suspected a bit with his "villa," and was wondering about the references to the guards (no guns, etc.) But you held the identity close to your chest until nearly the last paragraph. Very, very well put together. The arrogance was well displayed and intriguing. Extremely creative!